A new apartment to rent, sleeping up to 5 people, situated in the well-known harbour of Port-Vendres (only 2km from Collioure)  
2 Person Studio Click for details
Harbour 2 mins (walk)
Market Place 2 mins (walk)
Shops 3 mins (walk)
Restuarants 4 mins (walk)
Rocky Cove 5 mins (walk)
Beach 10 mins
(walk or bus)
Train 20 mins
Collioure 2 miles
(walk, bus, boat or car)
20 miles
(car, bus or train)
95 miles
(car or train)
Spanish Border 10 miles
(car or train)
68 miles
(car or train)
Barcelona 125 miles
(car or train)
Ski Slopes 120 miles
Golf Course & Water Park 13 Miles

Our accommodation...
In 2008 we came to Port-Vendres for the very first time. We both loved the town and surrounding area so much that we decided there and then to buy an apartment. Then in 2012 an opportunity arose where we were able to acquire a small studio apartment right on the harbour side with fabulous views across the bay (see link to studio in left-hand column).

In the south of France, on the Mediterranean Sea and close to the border of Spain, the small town is an essential stop on any tour of the Roussillon. Here sea and mountains meet providing sumptuous natural surroundings, perfect for swimming, diving, walking, discovering or just chilling-out! Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the renowned Scottish artist, designer and architect spent the last four years of his life here, but if you want bigger names, then a short walk away is the beautiful Collioure, where Picasso, Matisse and Derain have all left their mark!

The town owes its name of Portus Veneris to the temple dedicated to Venus that once dominated the cove. In fact, the town has long history going back to several centuries BC due to the natural shelter of its deep water port and proximity to Spain. The scars of battlement are there for you to discover as you explore the region.

Port Vendres is still today a natural deep water port and has three sections; the trade port, the fishing port and the marina. The mix of all three make the village an interesting place to stay whether in season, or out.

Local markets offer an amazing choice of fresh fish and locally produced wines. The local restaurants serve up traditional Catalan cuisine where you can enjoy the taste of the freshly caught fish.

The weather is mostly hot and dry in the summer. Winds from the Pyrenees can blow from time to time, keeping the air fresh. Summer evenings are usually pleasantly warm, with Spring and Autumn evenings a little cooler. The occasional storm can bring heavy rain for brief periods.

My Website
Along with details about my apartment, my website also contains beautiful photographs of the surrounding area, video clips, 360 panoramic views, my paintings of Port Vendres and Collioure, my photographic book and a few fun designs.

And I would like you to share in the enjoyment of this area too, so please explore my web site further, bookmark this page and send the link on to those who you think may be interested in my accommodation.

(but book through this site for the cheapest rates!)


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