Using Public Transport from Girona Airport

1) Catch the Bus into the centre of Girona - 2.50 euros (price 2012)

Turn right coming out of the airport doors and head to the bus station (100 metres). The ticket office should be right in front of you. Buy your ticket from here and ask which bay it leaves. The buses run hourly on the half hour and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If you've time to kill, go back into the airport and treat yourself to a cup of coffee!

2) Catch the train to Cerbere (Cerbere is just over the border inside France) - 4.50 euros

The bus from the airport drops you off outside the train station. Go to the ticket office inside and ask for the next train to Cerbere. If you've time to kill, consider spending some time in the centre of Girona. It takes about 15 minutes and is worth the effort of dragging your case (if it's small) that distance.

3) Catch the train from Cerbere to Port-Vendres - 2.80 euros

Hurry off the train into the station and get in the ticket office queue (have your passports ready as sometime officers are waiting to check them, as you have now entered France). Sometime the connecting train leaves within a few minutes and missing this might mean you have an hour or so to wait for the next. If you've time to kill, drag your case into the centre of Cerbere and have a beer, and enjoy the views around the bay.


Also consider....
To avoid the slow coastal train and changing at the border, consider taking a through train to Perpignan from Girona. These are not too frequent, and I think you currently have to change at Figueres. Once at Perpignan station, walk through to the bus station at the back and find the ticket office booth. Ask for the '1 Euro bus' to Port-Vendres and the bay number. The bus journey will take an hour, but will only cost you 1 euro.

The fast TGV train should be available by late 2012, taking you from Girona to Perpignan in 30 minutes or so. You will also have the opportunity of taking the train from Perpignan to Barcelona in just under an hour should you wish to visit this exciting city during your holiday.




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